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Twitter memes are legion, so are wacky news roundups, and obviously brands are getting in on the action.

When its not creating car crashes, Pokémon Go has been inspiring content. Create have been enjoying it immensely, it is just about time for a moratorium.

These men eventually escaped from a medium security facility, to a motel in Fresno. Then we'll make a documentary about his murder investigation, thus beginning the cycle anew. Because if it doesn't feel like work, then it's not worth watching.

Today, still more or less acknowledged by the government, they survive as soldiers for hire.

It features videos, pictures, and articles meant to be humorous to college students. Its sister site, Narrator: One year ago, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit.I smiled inside as I imagined him wondering what I might have hidden in my sock.At the time of my termination, I ranked seventh out of about 100 writers for traffic brought into the site.I was "officially" fired at my apartment on Halloween, via a letter delivered by UPS.Inside the envelope were two copies of the legal document, one to sign and return and another for my records.

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