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- fixed tabs management when call ended - fixed decline translation 3.0.x 3.0.22 [Micro SIP-3.0.22| portable] (625 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.0.22| portable] (232 downloads) - TCP & TLS keep-alives decreased from 90 to 58 sec. 1.7.0 [Micro SIP-1.7.0| portable] (102 downloads) 1. Fixed bugs 1.6.0 [Micro SIP-1.6.0| portable] (37 downloads) 1. - fixed number input with Alt Gr key pressed 3.0.21 [Micro SIP-3.0.21| portable] (127 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.0.21| portable] (54 downloads) - changed H.264 video format to [email protected] as native for most webcams. Glennis Coursey has developed digital health coaching programs that have empowered thousands of people to live healthier lives.

Over the time it has been ranked as high as 3 557 999 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Ukraine, where it reached as high as 85 938 position.

- fixed number input with Shift key pressed 3.0.20 [Micro SIP-3.0.20| portable] (90 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.0.20| portable] (43 downloads) - send DTMF while typing in number field - changed video size in codec H.264 from 720x480 to 720x576 - updated stack 3.0.19 [Micro SIP-3.0.19| portable] (359 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.0.19| portable] (158 downloads) - input number with numpad/keyboard 3.0.18 [Micro SIP-3.0.18| portable] (1009 downloads), [Micro SIP-Lite-3.0.18| portable] (44 downloads) - start from a script and call a number () - added check if already running 3.0.15 [Micro SIP-3.0.15| portable] (1320 downloads) - fixed common controls initialization - updated stack 3.0.14 [Micro SIP-3.0.14| portable] (963 downloads) - audio codecs management (disabling/prioritize) - NAT type detection and check for compatibility with STUN 3.0.13 [Micro SIP-3.0.13| portable] (414 downloads) - option to disable video codecs - removed ICE mismatch check 3.0.12 [Micro SIP-3.0.12| portable] (133 downloads) Added codec SILK: 8,12,16,24 k Hz. other internal improvement 1.9.x 1.9.0 [Micro SIP-1.9.0| portable] (209 downloads) 1.

3.0.11 [Micro SIP-3.0.11| portable] (77 downloads) - Added G.729 codec - Option to disable VAD (Voice Activity Detection) 3.0.10 [Micro SIP-3.0.10| portable] (161 downloads) - added codec info - removed popup with error when audio device not found - fixed minor bugs 3.0.9 [Micro SIP-3.0.9| portable] (552 downloads) - fixed video in p2p calls - fixed numbers in p2p calls 3.0.8 [Micro SIP-3.0.8| portable] (602 downloads) - auto check update - help links 3.0.7 [Micro SIP-3.0.7| portable] (571 downloads) - fixeg bug in camera initialization - updated stack - minor interface changes 3.0.6 [Micro SIP-3.0.6| portable] (97 downloads) - fixed outgoing call without video 3.0.5 [Micro SIP-3.0.5| portable] (17 downloads) - added reporting of unsuccessful sending message - fixed access memory bugs 3.0.4 [Micro SIP-3.0.4| portable] (40 downloads) - call without video / answer without video - option to select audio devices - option to select default audio codec - option to select default video codec - added view log file in menu 3.0.3 [Micro SIP-3.0.3| portable] (33 downloads) - fixed h263 codec 3.0.2 [Micro SIP-3.0.2| portable] (24 downloads) - fixed video, works with multiple CPUs - added h264 codec - fixed messages tab close bug - in this version you can not call or answer without video 3.0.1 [Micro SIP-3.0.1| portable] (41 downloads) - Optimized RAM usage: ~10MB - Fixed video streams 3.0.0 [Micro SIP-3.0.0| portable] (60 downloads) First version with video.

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