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It is one of the most popular pairings in the Supernatural fandom, along with Destiel or Dean/Castiel.

The word is a portmanteau of brothers' last name, Winchester, and the word "incest".

Slash involving John was most commonly called Daddycest and occasionally 'Johnslash' or 'Johncest' but mostly just labeled with the particular pairing in individual stories.

But, it was a lot of fun to write, and it's also a trilogy, so keep an eye out for the following stories."Dude! Dean went over the Sam, looked over his shoulder at the computer, and then instantly pulled back, cringing at the website Sam had open."Dude, what the hell are you doing on those Supernatural fan sites? Chuck's been putting out more books online, covering the apocalypse storyline, and he's almost completely caught up with us.""Get to the point, Sammy.""The point is, on the fan sites, there are forums where all the fans discuss their predictions about the next books. Most of them are still writing nasty Wincest and think that'll save the world somehow.Wincest is the term commonly used to describe fanfiction (or other fanworks) that depict or assume a romantic or sexual (i.e.Slash) relationship between Sam and Dean Winchester.There are more than double the number of buses on the road during the peak than throughout the interpeak period.The evening peak is more spread out though reflecting that schools finish at around 3pm and that workers finish at a range of different times and/or have other activities after work.

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