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The managers of these businesses know these lovelies are what brings in the male customers.Meanwhile the only jobs I’ve seen dominated by men here have been in construction and transportation such as Jeepneys, trikes and motorcycles.I suppose no other issue strikes closer to one’s personal life when adjusting to another culture like that of inter-personal relationships; ie – meeting women here in the Philippines.It’s a classic clash of East meets West so consider this a ‘heads up’ of sorts to you guys who plan to come here and start meeting all these lovely, beautiful Filipina women. there are a LOT of them...” I’ve lived in Southern California all my life. They’re both female, but the similarity ends there.

Trainees have to undergo A LOT more than what we think they do.

Finding a companion can seem rather tedious at times, with life never seemingly plain sailing.

It is understandable how daunting it can be making the phone call for the very first time but, once you have found the boldness, the receptionists at V are very welcoming and assuring.

The rewards at the end are always worth the oppressive bout of nerves that result in forgetting about the phone call altogether.

For those experienced dialers, it becomes as natural as a summer’s breeze; it’s something you never have to think twice about.

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