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A con of all cons, that can cause somebody like me to pass you by in an instant.

Post by Niko Neefs, Osaka We don’t like to blow our own horn, so we’ll keep this brief.

The result of more than a decade and a half of immersion in the Japanese whisky scene and based on archival research and countless hours of interviews with distillers past and present, this beautiful full-colour book is available from the usual suspects (online bookstores and the better bookstores in your neighbourhood) for 35 USD or less, depending on where you look.

The day it is launched our head honcho will be lounging on a beach in Italy somewhere, but we grant him his well-deserved vacation after putting this together in between the soup and the potatoes, as they say (i.e. Suffice it to say that everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese whisky (but were afraid to ask? Please join us in congratulating Stefan and spread the word!

Japanese shodo calligraphy tools and implements: 1. The fude (brush) is the most important shodo implement and there are a vast array of shodo brushes available.

Since that time, Chinese character calligraphy, or shodo ("the way of writing") has been practiced by the Japanese, who have drawn on the Chinese tradition and produced eminent calligraphers of their own.

between his full-time job, family commitments and other writing work) in the course of 2016.

Contemporary Japanese weddings are celebrated in a great variety of ways.

Usually the party is visited by about 20 to 200 guests among whom are relatives, friends, co-workers and bosses of the bride and groom.

The party normally starts with the introductions of the bride and groom.

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