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* pulldom: a DOM implementation that supports lazy instantiation of nodes.* marshal: a module with several options for serializing Python objects to XML, including WDDX and XML-RPC.The element type can be described as a cross between a Python list and a Python dictionary.The Element Tree wrapper type adds code to load XML files as trees of Element objects, and save them back again.Layered upon this is an XML and RDF data repository and server, which supports multiple methods of data access, query, indexing, transformation, rich linking, and rule processing, and provides the data infrastructure of a full database system, including transactions, concurrency, access control, and management tools.It also supports HTTP, RPC, and FTP, plus APIs in Python and XSLT.

It features a library of integrated tools for XML processing, implementing open technologies such as DOM, RDF, XSLT, XInclude, XPointer, XLink, XPath, XUpdate, RELAX NG, and XML/SGML Catalogs.

To install the Python bindings there are 2 options:import libxml2, sys doc = libxml2.parse File("tst.xml") if !

= "tst.xml": print "failed" sys.exit(1) root = doc.children if !

Note to people interested in building bindings, the API is formalized as an XML API description file which allows to automate a large part of the Python bindings, this includes function descriptions, enums, structures, typedefs, etc...

The Python script used to build the bindings is python/in the source distribution.

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