Validating a checkbox in asp net c

Here is an example of the HTML that would be rendered by a Check Box List with a layout of “Flow”.My solution to the problem required a custom validator and a custom error Placement function, for the j Query validaiton cannot pass a validation by only entered space.

This becomes a problem when you want to validate the group, since you can’t set a common name attribute for all the elements.As noted, the default setup of the validation plug in is to validate a FORM which isn’t possible with ASP. To get around this, I decided I was going to wrap all my forms in a FIELDSET with the class “validation Group”.Using this class as my selection, I’m able to have multiple groups of controls wrapped in a FIELDSET validated separately.Use a radio button when you want the user to choose only one option.When you want the user to choose all appropriate options, use a check box.

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