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The Commission, constituted equally of members of the two synods and the archdiocese, has completed the guide; it has been reviewed by the proper ecumenical commissions and by other official bodies of each of our churches.

The Common Service claims to be a version of the history liturgy of the Christian church and a revision of The Order of the Holy Communion from TLH.

I began to notice the absence of rubrics (directions) and realized that in the Invocation there is no symbol of the cross to indicate that the sign of the cross may be made.

It turned out that this was a sign of things to come.

Many of these are merely nominal members who are part of the Lutheran state churches in Europe , while others are devoted and devout, committed to the standards, traditions, doctrines, and policies of this historic denomination.

Let me tell my story—the account of a young, sincere, and searching boy who was raised in the Lutheran Church by a deeply religious Lutheran family.

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